how to reshape text data to be suitable for LSTM model in keras

My shape of data is (87716, 200) and I want to reshape it in a way I can feed it into LSTM.

I have a code for LSTM Autoencoder. and the below is the architecture of my mode:

inputs = Input(shape=(SEQUENCE_LEN,VOCAB_SIZE), name="input")
# inputs = Embedding( VOCAB_SIZE, 256, input_length=SEQUENCE_LEN)(input)
encoded = Bidirectional(LSTM(LATENT_SIZE), merge_mode="sum", name="encoder_lstm")(inputs)
decoded = RepeatVector(SEQUENCE_LEN, name="repeater")(encoded)
decoded = LSTM(VOCAB_SIZE, return_sequences=True)(decoded)
autoencoder = Model(inputs, decoded)
autoencoder.compile(optimizer="sgd", loss='mse')
history =, Xtrain,batch_size=BATCH_SIZE, 

And this is the way I have prepared the data to feed to model:

sent_wids = np.zeros((len(parsed_sentences),SEQUENCE_LEN),'int32')
sample_seq_weights = np.zeros((len(parsed_sentences),SEQUENCE_LEN),'float')
for index_sentence in range(len(parsed_sentences)):
    temp_sentence = parsed_sentences[index_sentence]
    temp_words = nltk.word_tokenize(temp_sentence)
    for index_word in range(SEQUENCE_LEN):
        if index_word < sent_lens[index_sentence]:
            sent_wids[index_sentence,index_word] = lookup_word2id(temp_words[index_word])
            sent_wids[index_sentence, index_word] = lookup_word2id('PAD')
print(sent_wids.shape)  #(87716, 200)
Xtrain = sent_wids

Now how can I reshape the data in which I can feed it to this model: I am getting this error :

ValueError: Error when checking input: expected input to have 3 dimensions, but got array with shape (87716, 200)

When I do reshaping like this Xtrain = Xtrain.reshape(-1,SEQUENCE_LEN, VOCAB_SIZE).

What do we need to do if our prepared data is not dividable by the shapes and batch_size we considered?

Please let me know which part is not clear I will explain.

Thanks for your help:)