Is it possible to play 2 inline videos simlutaneously in iOS Safari?

I am building a WebRTC softphone in React JS, and have been unable to get my "local" view video element to play whenever the remote view is playing in iOS Safari. I suspect this probably is due to Safari's video-playback restrictions, but wanted to see if anyone else has been able to make this work, or if we're just stuck with one video element playing at a time.

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  • answered 2019-06-24 18:22 Xab Ion

    In iOS 10 and later, you can autoplay or call play() on a video without requiring user interaction, as long as it doesn't have sound. And starting the video no longer forces it into fullscreen playback:

    However you still can't play multiple videos simultaneously, but that patch just landed. So it's on the way:

    Can you get your example working on iOS 10 by pausing one video when you start the other? You don't show them both at the same time, after all. You could keep them in sync by syncing up their currentTime properties each time the user switches.