Set display resolution from CMD or powershell using inbuilt command on windows

I am looking for native windows command to change the resolution on windows 10 system. I trolled through many articles and all talks about using a third party tool like QRes, etc.

Do we have an inbuilt command line utility to change the resolution of the desktop from cmd or PowerShell?

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  • answered 2019-06-25 09:39 Dicky Moore

    Unfortunately, there is no in-built tool with Windows 10 that will allow you to change the resolution automatically.

    I tried automating resolution using direct registry edits with PowerShell, but there are too many different possible keys responsible for it, depending on the type of graphics card you have.

    If you can find the exact registry keys responsible for your resolution, you could use cmdlets such as Get-PSDrive -PSProvider Registry,New-ItemProperty,Get-Item,Get-ItemProperty,Set-ItemProperty,Remove-Item,Remove-ItemProperty to automate that.

    To find the registry keys in question, there are a number of approaches. You could use Process Monitor to look at which registry keys and files are being updated when you make a resolution change.

    Or you could regedit to export the registry before and after you make the change, and then compare the two files using a tool such as WinMerge