I want to make my gsuit non admin account into noreply account

I am gsuit user, I have created many user accounts from my admin account of gsuit, i want to make one of the user account as a no-reply account, i.e. when someone sends reply on that account it should automatically get rejected with reject message.

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  • answered 2019-07-06 17:15 Mario R.

    1. From your G Suite account go to Apps > G Suite > Gmail > Advanced Settings.
    2. Choose the organizational unit to affect, I would recommend to have this users specifically on an organizational unit since by making this change it will affect all of the users within that OU.
    3. After selecting the OU look for the option "Routing" within that option there is another one called the same "Routing"
    4. Click on the "Configure" button.

    Routing Section from G Suite > Apps > Gmail > Advanced Settings > Routing

    A popup will appear

    1. For "Messages to affect" select "Inbound"
    2. For "For the above types of messages, do the following" select "Reject message"

    Routing Settings