I just installed Jenkins and lost my username. How do I find this?

Yeah... it's a pretty dumb to do, but life happens.

Question... How do I find out my username for Jenkins if I forgot it? I'm not looking for password recovery; I wrote that down and it's safe. But, in the rush to get builds going, I forgot to write down the Jenkins user name.

I know I could just reset the the account completely, and there are plenty of search returns for that. But, I'd like to avoid that work if possible. Again, I have the password, just forgot the username.


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  • answered 2019-07-10 22:02 Andrew


    I found the answer.

    1. Using a quick file and text parser (a la visual studio), I opened the complete %JENKINS_HOME% folder (your DevOps gal knows where this is) on a different computer with a known (and remembered) user name.
    2. Then I searched for the known username.

    The username is located in the %JENKINS_HOME%/users/users.xml file.


    1. Go to %JENKINS_HOME%/users/users.xml
    2. Look through here for the user name