error sqlite3.OperationalError: near ")": syntax error while trying to add to sqlite database from tkinter

i keep getting the error message:

Exception in Tkinter callback
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\max\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37\lib\tkinter\", line 1705, in __call__
    return self.func(*args)
  File "G:\computing project\add to", line 114, in get_items
    C.execute(sql ,vari)
sqlite3.OperationalError: near ")": syntax error

when trying to add to a database using the values inputted from the gui with tkinter. I think that the sql cannot get the values from the inputs. i have tried changing the insert into values to the names that are in the database but python does not allow theese to contain capitals.

i cannot find the ")" stated in the error anywhere in my code as this was my first thought upon finding the syntax error. I have had a few issues in adding to this database and am using sqlite 3 with db browser. ive been following a python tutorial but i belive that the tutorial was using python 2 rather than 3

from tkinter import* 
import sqlite3
conn = sqlite3.connect("G:\computing project\database of cars.db")
C = conn.cursor()
import tkinter.messagebox

class Database:
    def __init__ (self, master=None ,*args,**kwargs):
        self.master = master
        self.heading = Label(master , text = "add to the database ", font=("ariel 35 bold") ) (x=250 , y=0) Label(master, text= "enter product name", font=("arial 18 bold")),y=50)

        self.make_1=  Label(master , text = "enter car make ", font=("ariel 18 bold")),y=100)

        self.model_1=  Label(master , text = "enter car model ", font=("ariel 18 bold"),),y=150)

        self.regi_1=  Label(master , text = "enter registration plate", font=("ariel 18 bold")),y=200)

        self.colour_1=  Label(master , text = "enter car colour ", font=("ariel 18 bold")),y=250)

        self.cost_1=  Label(master , text = "enter cost price ", font=("ariel 18 bold")),y=300)

        self.tcost_1=  Label(master , text = "enter total cost price ", font=("ariel 18 bold")),y=350)

        self.sell_1=  Label(master , text = "selling price ", font=("ariel 18 bold")),y=400)

        self.tsell_1=  Label(master , text = "enter total selling price", font=("ariel 18 bold")),y=450)

        self.assprof_1=  Label(master , text = "enter assumed profit", font=("ariel 18 bold")),y=500)

        self.name_e = Entry(master, width=25, font=("arial 18 bold")), y=50)

        self.carmake_e = Entry(master, width=25, font=("arial 18 bold")), y=100)

        self.carmodel_e = Entry(master, width=25, font=("arial 18 bold")), y=150)

        self.regi_e = Entry(master, width=25, font=("arial 18 bold")), y=200)

        self.colour_e = Entry(master, width=25, font=("arial 18 bold")), y=250)

        self.carprice_e = Entry(master, width=25, font=("arial 18 bold")), y=300)

        self.cost_e = Entry(master, width=25, font=("arial 18 bold")), y=350)

        self.tcost_e = Entry(master, width=25, font=("arial 18 bold")), y=400)

        self.sellprice_e = Entry(master, width=25, font=("arial 18 bold",)), y=450)

        self.assumedprofit_e = Entry(master, width=25, font=("arial 18 bold")), y=500)

        self.b = Button(command=self.get_items),y=0)

    def get_items(self,*args,**kwargs):  #this function gets the items from the entry boxes

        self.carmake= self.carmake_e.get()
        self.carmodel= self.carmodel_e.get()
        self.regi= self.regi_e.get()
        self.colour= self.colour_e.get()
        self.cost= self.cost_e.get()
        self.tcost= self.tcost_e.get()
        self.sellprice= self.sellprice_e.get()
        self.assumedprofit= self.assumedprofit_e.get()

        self.assumedprofit= float(self.sellprice)- float(self.tcost)

        if self.carmake == '' or self.carmodel == '' == self.colour == '':
            print ("WRONG")
            tkinter.messagebox.showinfo("error","please enter values for car make, model and colour")

            print("solid m8 ")
            sql = "INSERT INTO inventory (carmake,carmode,regi,colour,cost,tcost,sellprice,assumedprofit) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,)"
            C.execute(sql ,vari)
               # C.execute(sql(,self.carmake,self.carmodel,self.regi,self.colour,self.cost,self.tcost,self.sellprice,self.assumedprofit))
            tkinter.messagebox.showinfo("success","succesfully added to databse")

root = Tk()
b = Database(root)
frame = Frame(root,width=1920,height=1080)
root.title("add to database")