why clickonce program connected to oracle is listed as defaultdamain?

my client app for oracle is listed properly in oracle sessions as app.exe when launched "normally" from executable but when launched as clickonce app is listed as "deafaultdomain" in program column. What can be a reason for that?

       substr(a.spid,1,9) pid,
       substr(b.sid,1,5) sid,
       substr(b.serial#,1,5) ser#,
       substr(b.machine,1,6) box,
       substr(b.username,1,10) username,
       substr(b.osuser,1,8) os_user,
       substr(b.program,1,30) program
from v$session b, v$process a
where b.paddr = a.addr and type='USER'
order by spid;