VS2019 db project throws no warning or error when stored procedure failed

I am using a VS2019 db solution and changed the name of some fields in a schema bound view (PropertyAnnualValues). We have several stored procedures that are using the view.
In the case where the view is connected to a temp table, I get no warning or error that the field name is invalid. How do I resolve this issue? I changed the name of the field property_id to PropertyId in the view, but the code below, doesn't throw an error or a warning. It just fails when running the stored procedure.

UPDATE  #tmpClientStatus
SET     CYminus2FMV = PAV.OrigFMV
FROM    dbo.PropertyAnnualValues PAV
WHERE   #tmpClientStatus.PropertyID = PAV.property_id AND PAV.AssessmentYear = (@AsmtYear - 2)

I would expect to see an error, or to have an option to make it an error when building.