How to change logo in Larecipe v2.0 Laravel package?

I'm using the Laravel Larecipe package to create documentation for my site. I can't find anywhere to change the Larecipe logo in the top left hand corner to our company logo.

I'm using Larecipe v2.0.

I found the logo.blade.php file in the vendor folder, but I don't want to change it there as it will be overwritten when the next update comes out through composer.

Is there a better or more proper way to change this item?

2 answers

  • answered 2019-07-11 00:35 Giovanni S

    After running the command:

    php artisan larecipe:install

    You should be able to find the proper file under:


    Where you can find the logo. Hope that helps!

  • answered 2019-07-11 09:05 Saleem MH

    Yes, as Mr. @giovanni-s said.

    I made larecipe::install command publish all the needed views under resources/views/vendor/larecipe/partials so you can override any view you want.

    • Plus: if you want to change any other view that's not published by the command, you can just override the view in the correct working dir, see an example here