Change the order of sorting options and subcategories in Woocommerce Shop

I have little problem that cant fix myself, so i need help from you. I want to change the order or sorting options, and subcategories into WooCommerce shop when site is accessed via smartphone. For example:

enter image description here

I tryed to change the order by moving sorting element down via CSS:

#wrapper .catalog-ordering {

but seems like it just add gap from top, and not really move element like i wanted. Also tryed to manipulate with categories element by providing this CSS:

.fusion-blog-layout-grid .post .fusion-post-wrapper, .fusion-blog-layout-timeline .post, .fusion-portfolio.fusion-portfolio-boxed .fusion-portfolio-content-wrapper, .products li.product-category.product {

but seems like it just goes under sorting element. Someone to help here?