NPM - Can I specify indirect dependencies to be installed with a package?

I have a component library project (which I'll call "CompLib") that has a dependency of bootstrap-sass. It's shared between multiple projects and hosted in GitHub.

When I install CompLib in another project (which I'll call "Proj"), I have to install bootstrap-sass as a separate dependency. I import CompLib's scss files into Proj, not a compile css file, because I want to make use of shared variables.

The only thing I've tried is adding bootstrap-sass to the peerDependencies in CompLib's package.json That didn't work. Otherwise, I'm not sure how to approach this or even what terms/phrases to Google.

My goal is to have bootstrap-sass automatically installed when CompLib is installed in a project.

My question is: Is it possible to setup CompLib so that, when it's installed, Proj (or others) will identify the indirect dependency of bootstrap-sass and install it automatically?