What is the function of "Use" in Agent Options and how to use it?

I'm not usually using Agent in Lotus Notes because I always Lotusscript button only. But recently I need to do a function in Lotus Notes using using an Agent. So in some of an Agent, I found this:

Option Public
Option Declare

Use "ParametersMaster"
Use "CommonFunctions"
Use "Class.QueryString"

Some Lotusscript code...

I don't really understand what are the functions of these "Use" and where to find them. I know this is kinda simple question and I would like somebody help me on this to understand what it is. Thanks!

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  • answered 2019-08-13 03:52 David Morton

    The "Use" commands loads external script libraries. Usually these script libraries are found in the same database under the Script Libraries design elements.

    Refer to the Help in Designer for a much better answer 😀