why does the jdk's serialize object exist?

I'm new for java server develop. I wonder when to use the serialize object in jdk? In my daily work, I usually user the 3rd part library, eg jackson, gson. So that, why does the jdk's serialize object exist?

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  • answered 2019-08-13 03:39 fiveelements

    Jackson, Gson, etc. are the libraries for serializing and deserializing JSON format. These have become popular in the context of RESTful web services where JSON message exchange is the standard practice.

    On the other hand, JDK serialization is the default choice for exchanging objects in process-to-process communication (Java-based apps) without RESTful web services, saving an application runtime state ( objects) into files, restore the state at later point of time, etc. Examples of inter-process communication are Java RMI, EJB, etc.