Wordpress Plugin Nextgen Gallery Search Console Unparsable structured data issue fixes

I received a message from the Google Search Console:

We're validating your Unparsable structured data issue fixes for site https://toasttours.com/

Google has started validating your fix of Unparsable structured data issues on your site. Specifically, we are checking for ‘Incorrect value type "@id"’, which currently affects 11 pages.

The 11 pages affected are tags in the NextGen Gallery Wordpress plugin - for example:


I've cleared the image cache in the NextGen Gallery, but it doesn't seem to change anything in the search console. I was hoping someone could send me in the right direction.

It doesn't show exactly where the error is and the error doesn't show up with every tag, I thought maybe it had something to do with schema.org?

{          "@context": "https://schema.org",
          "name": "Toast Together” Group Wine Tour",
          "url": "https://toasttours.com/index.php/paso-robles-wine/"