How to execute a long CURL command on zsh on mac terminal?

Trying to run a curl command on macos terminal which I was able to run from a windows command prompt. The curl command is relatively long with multiple "--data-urlencode" flags (5 total) and then the final -v flag. On windows, I can simply copy/paste the command to the command prompt or powershell, press Enter, and it runs fine. However, on macos terminal using zsh, the command prompt just shows a reverse prompt after I try to press Enter. It's as if it is waiting for more input or some other run command which I am not aware of.

On macos, I have been able to run shorter curl commands without any issues, but when I paste in a relatively longer curl command, I am presented with more prompts as if zsh doesn't realize the command input is done. I have also tried to manually type out the command to see if copy/paste is the issue, but same problem. I have also tried to change the order of the flag options, but that doesn't make any difference either. I have googled the heck out of this, but alas - no joy.