Error 422 after installing gitlab on centos 7

I got into trouble after installing Gitlab on CentOs7. For the first time I was redirected to the admin password creation page and after the password for the admin user, the server sent error.

The change you requested was rejected.

I had set the url value based on the site guide.

Set the external_url in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb:

external_url ""

I checked the links below for similar situations. I didn't find the right answer. My server was in the local area and had no internet access.

Error 422 after installing gitlab on Ubuntu 18.04

After Update Error: "422 The change you requested was rejected."

Error 422 after installing Gitlab on Ubuntu 16.04

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  • answered 2019-08-18 06:48 Ali Zohrevand

    I made a mistake when installing Gitlab. In the /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb file I put the local gitlab address with https but due to the local server setup there was no "let's encrypt" service and I did not intend to access the site via ssl. I modified the address in the file and turne "https" to "http". After modifying the following commands, the problem was fixed.

    sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure

    sudo gitlab-ctl restart