Cannot map to local workspace while trying connect to TFS using Visual Studio for mac 2019

I have created the workspace called 'Mobile Code' successfully according to this website The terminal said "The workspace 'Mobile Code' is created successfully. However, when come to the second step which is to map with local folder, I have no idea what to do. Even though the template is given, but when I follow it, it keep showing error like "contains invalid characters. Only valid NTFS characters are permitted." or " workfold requires zero, one, or two path arguments." I believe the syntax is causing this error but I have no experience at all using terminal. My source control folder is "$/MobileCode/ASolute mobile" and I try to map with my local machine folder on Desktop "/Users/asolute/Desktop/Dev/MobileCode/ASolute/ASolute". Anyone can please help me to solve this and teach me about the syntax? Thank you.