How to get wordpress user password before registration is completed

Goodmorning everyone! I am creating a management software in Laravel that has to interface with a WordPress website. I need to automatically create a user on the ERP after it is registered on WordPress and it would be functional for the user created on the ERP to have the same password as the WordPress password. I therefore find myself in need of recovering the password and sending it via the ajax call to my web app (I have a dedicated dedicated route. This is not a problem). How can I "intercept" the password of the new user before it is encrypted in the WordPress db?

The flow that I expect to obtain is the following:

  • the user registers on WordPress -> OK
  • Wordpress sends an ajax call to Laravel with email and password of the new user -> I DON'T KNOW HOW TO TAKE THE PASSWORD
  • Laravel manages the ajax call and creates the new user -> OK