Enable/disable kendo ui control dynamically

I want to enable/disable a kendo combobox based on the user's selection from a checkbox, which I am storing in a variable.

I already tried setting the variable to the enable property, but this is useful only when the control is being built-in.

Does anybody know If I can do this while creating the control?

<div id="fund" class="col-xs-3">
 input class="required" data-bind="title: $parent.selectedFund, 
  kendoComboBox: {
   placeholder: 'Start typing to search...',
   value: $parent.test,
   widget: $parent.searchSource,
   dataTextField: 'managerName',
   dataValueField: 'managerId',
   filter: 'contains',
   autoBind: false,
   minLength: 3,
   enable: overrideGlobalMapping, //this does not work for me even though the variable holds the correct value
   change: function(){ if(this.value() && this.selectedIndex == -1) 
    setTimeout(function () {$parent.selectedManagerId(null);}, 100);}},
    dataSource: {
    serverFiltering: true,
    transport: {
    read: $parent.retrieveManager
 }" />