set default block classes in tinymce textarea when press return key or by default

i am very new to tinymce. i am working on my travel agency website. here i need some textarea input for highlights, inclusions and exlusions, for all these things, i have created different textarea with tinymce.

now i want one default block and style in one of my textarea. that is, by default it should have a div with my custom classes from my stylesheet, where i can enter my content.

like this when we load the page, in text area it should be div with this class.

<div class="small-12 columns highlight">My Content</div>

After Press return, it should start with a new div with the same class, and so on on every return press.

<div class="small-12 columns highlight">Next Line</div>

this is my tinymce

    selector: 'textarea#tourplaces',
    theme : "advanced",
    forced_root_block: 'div',
    forced_root_block_attrs: { "class": "small-12 columns highlight"},
    plugins: [
        "advlist autolink link image lists charmap print preview hr anchor pagebreak",
        "searchreplace wordcount visualblocks visualchars insertdatetime media nonbreaking",
        "table contextmenu directionality emoticons paste textcolor responsivefilemanager code"
    toolbar1: "undo redo | bold italic underline | alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify | bullist numlist outdent indent | styleselect",
    toolbar2: "| responsivefilemanager | link unlink anchor | image media | forecolor backcolor  | print preview code ",
    image_advtab: true,
    content_css: '',
    content_css_cors: true,

    external_filemanager_path: "/public/filemanager/",
    filemanager_title: "Responsive Filemanager",
    external_plugins: {
        "filemanager": "/public/filemanager/plugin.min.js"

if someone can help me in this, it would be thankful.