IntelliJ IDEA doubling certain forms of input (usually copy/paste) and missing some characters while typing

I've been experiencing some weird issues with IntelliJ IDEA on my Mac. When I copy, cut and paste, the input is usually doubled. So if I have a line like this,

println("Awesome message")

and then I try to cut the "Awesome message" part, it doubles the cut command (meaning that it actually puts println() into my clipboard). Then when I try to paste it, it pastes as println()println().

Rarely, this does not happen, but the majority of the time it does.

Additionally when I'm typing the IDE will often not register some of my keystrokes. So if I type something like "class User(@Id @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.IDENTITY)", it will often times come out as "(@Id @GentedVale(stragy = GennType.IDENTTY)". This also doesn't happen all the time, just most of the time.

I've tried adding into but it hasn't helped at all.