Ruby profiling shows Module::Timeout using 60% of time?

ruby-prof shows Module::Timeout#timeout calls use up to 60% of execution time of my script.

Replaced existing procedural implementation of a script retrieving data from different sources and sending notifications to Discord through discordrb gem. My attempt at functional programming using module and proc is noticeably slower and ruby-prof possibly shows why. Using ruby 2.6.4p104.

Just as an example Main as follow:

module MainControl if
    (BotControl::Out<<Messages::Age).call unless Messages::Age.empty? if
    (BotControl::Send<<Messages::Message).call unless Messages::Start.empty? unless Messages::Ok.empty?

ruby-prof -p call_stack --mode=process -s self returns (extracted from call tree):

29.16% for main execution thread
8.89% for 1 call to <Module::Timeout>#timeout
8.49% for 1 call to <Module::Timeout>#timeout
8.12% for 1 call to <Module::Timeout>#timeout
7.72% for 1 call to <Module::Timeout>#timeout
7.48% for 1 call to <Module::Timeout>#timeout
7.39% for 1 call to <Module::Timeout>#timeout
7.34% for Discordrb async execution
7.10% for 1 call to <Module::Timeout>#timeout
5.87% for Discordrb heartbeats
1.45% for 1 call to <Module::Timeout>#timeout
0.97% for 1 call to <Module::Timeout>#timeout

This is quite unexpected. Where are those #timeout calls coming from? Please advise.