I have more than 50k data in database. I used JDBC template with SpringMVC .I tried print all this datafrom my Controller to JSP page using Datatable

While trying to fetch data(around 50000 records) from db to Datatable of JSP page my page didn't display.Its just loading and takes too much time. How can i enable datatable on server-side?which part i have to change?

I tried to enable datatable on server-side.but its not working. same issues is there.

My Controller Code:That will fetch all data from DB and send to JSP page

@RequestMapping(value = "/adminfinvitees")
    public ModelAndView getBookedWebinarList(HttpServletRequest request) 
        ModelAndView mv=null;
        data = service.getAdminFounderInviteesList();
        mv = new ModelAndView("admin_foundersinvitees_list",    "Data", data);
    return mv;


public List<AdminFounderInviteesDTO> getAdminFounderInviteesList() 
   String sql = "SELECT  r.refferal_id,r.f_name,r.l_name,r.email_address,
   u.sponser_name,u.sponser_email,r.dates  from go_users u inner join 
   go_referral r on u.user_id=r.upline_id";
   List<AdminFounderInviteesDTO> data = jdbcTemplate.query(sql,
                    new BeanPropertyRowMapper<AdminFounderInviteesDTO> 
            return data;

My JSP page:

<c:forEach items="${Data}" var="element"> 
<tr><td><input type="checkbox" id="chk" name="delid[]" class="case" value="${element.refferal_id}"> </td>                                                           <td>${element.f_name}</td>
<td>${element.l_name}</td>                                                            <td>${element.email_address} </td>
<td>Sponsor's Name:<span>${element.sponser_name}<br></span>
Sponsor's Email:<span>${element.sponser_email}</span></td><td> ${element.dates} </td>
<td><a href="delete-invitees/${element.refferal_id}" onclick="return confirm('Are you sure to delete?  ${element.refferal_id}');">
<i class="fa fa-times" style="font-size:24px"></i></a>
<a data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="top"   title="Delete" href="delete-invitees/${element.refferal_id}" onclick="return confirm('Are you sure to delete? ${element.refferal_id}');"></a></td></tr></c:forEach></tbody>


 $(document).ready(function() {

Its take more than time around 5 mins to load data on jsp page. I want to load data on jsp within seconds only.