How do I open a file in google docs using google api and python?

I try to open file sent by an application written in python/django. Usin documentation link for creating blank document I trying to transfer an existing file to open in google docs.

SCOPES = ['']
def file_to_gd_docs(import_file=None):
    #authorization part(success)
    service = build('docs', 'v1', credentials=creds)

    title = 'My Document'
    body = {
        'title': title
    doc = service.documents().create(body=import_file).execute()
    print('Created document with title: {0}'.format(

I put the value of import_file as the value of the variable body and I get an error

googleapiclient.errors.HttpError: <HttpError 403 when requesting returned "Request had insufficient authentication scopes.">

How do I properly transfer an external file to google docs for opening?

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  • answered 2019-09-11 13:28 DaImTo

    Documents.create requires one of the following scopes

    enter image description here

    You are using which gives you the error

    Request had insufficient authentication scopes.


    change the scope to one of the ones required and request access of the user again.