VSCode Remote Extension Container Support Debugging

I was trying to support vscode-remote into my already existing extension (locally), The .VSIX works fine with container based workspace. So the user of this extension needs to have a python3, cmake and some other libc- based packages needs to be installed in the container to work properly, and If I open a workspace in a suitable container it works perfectly, but I am facing problem with debugging the extension now as I develop it.

VSCode Docs site suggest this to debug your extension, So now we have two container if you think about it, i.e.,

  • Container One : VSCode Extension Development (Nodejs+TS based) where your extension source code will live, run and debug.

  • Container Two : Linux + Python3 + cmake based container where your extension is target to run.

In VSCode docs

Finally, press F5 or use the Debug view to launch the extension inside this same container and attach the debugger. You will be able to interact with it just as you would in the local case, but from inside the development container you defined in step 1 instead.

Instead of "launch the extension inside this same container and attach the debugger" Can't we run the extension in a different container than that of the extension source.