SFTP batch file to copy from remote to local

I have some files in remote server. I need to copy those file from remote server to my local server.

Source path : pABCDWPPP@ (dummy server name)
Target path : /data/TGT_path

i have tried this...

infa@vm-ppp-50:/data/TGT_path$ sftp -oPort=10000 pABCDWPPP@
SSH Server supporting SFTP and SCP
Connected to
Changing to: /SRC_path
sftp> ls -l
-rw-------   1 200      100            17 Dec 04 15:15 test-20191204-1572921093125.csv
-rw-------   1 200      100           592 Dec 02 10:59 test-20191125-1574678916536.csv
-rw-------   1 200      100             9 Dec 04 15:15 t-20191204-1575253807720.csv
-rw-------   1 200      100            15 Dec 04 15:15 test-20191204-1575253807720.csv
-rw-------   1 200      100            17 Dec 04 15:16 test-20191204-1575426603349.csv
sftp> bye

I have to create a batch script which should copy those file from source path to target path.

file names can be different. but it has some patterns which i can use as a variable.

This is the syntax that can be used in the script:

sftp -oPort=10000 ${USERID}@${MAILBOXPATH} <<EOF
mget ${FILE}

Can anyone help me to create the script file which can copy those file(s) in batch mode everyday. I have to execute the script in unix.

2 answers

  • answered 2019-12-09 13:28 davaj22251

    schedule a cron job to execute your script, please see scheduling-cron-jobs-with-crontab

  • answered 2019-12-09 13:30 vicraj

    Instead of SFTP, I would use rsync which is well adapted for this task:

    # backup.sh
    rsync --modify-window=5 -rltzuv --delete [REMOTE_SERVER@REMOTE_DIR] [LOCAL_SERVER@LOCAL_DIR]

    Then you can run a cron job as follows:

    crontab crontab.sh


    # content of crontab.sh (scheduled to run everyday at 2am)
    0 2 * * * /bin/sh /path/to/backup.sh