Lumen with node and with browserSync crash on start

I have to run PHP server and proxy it with browserSync but when I serve it by node I got issues:

This is the console log:

[23:25:56] Starting 'serve'...
[23:25:56] Starting 'clean'...
[23:25:56] Finished 'clean' after 31 ms
[23:25:56] Starting 'image'...
[23:25:56] Starting 'webpack'...
[23:25:57] Version: webpack 1.15.0
Asset     Size  Chunks             Chunk Names
site.js  5.71 kB       0  [emitted]  site
site-gallery.js  3.75 kB       1  [emitted]  site-gallery
site-home.js  11.2 kB       2  [emitted]  site-home
.... several 404 ....
[23:25:57] Finished 'webpack' after 810 ms
[23:26:00] gulp-imagemin: Minified 175 images (saved 9.26 MB - 47.2%)
[23:26:00] Finished 'image' after 3.68 s
[23:26:00] Starting 'server'...
 PHP 7.1.28 Development Server started at Sat Dec 14 23:26:01 2019
 Listening on
 Document root is ******/public
 Press Ctrl-C to quit.
 [Sat Dec 14 23:26:01 2019] [200]: /
 [23:26:01] 'server' errored after 1.53 s
 [23:26:01] Error: no parsers registered for: "]a(r)"
 [23:26:01] 'serve' errored after 5.25 s
 npm ERR! errno 1
 npm ERR! server@1.0.0 serve: `gulp serve`
 npm ERR! Exit status 1
 npm ERR! 
 npm ERR! Failed at the server@1.0.0 serve script.
 npm ERR! This is probably not a problem with npm. There is likely additional logging output above.

 npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
 npm ERR!     /Users/uncoke/.npm/_logs/2019-12-14T22_26_01_845Z-debug.log


 gulp.task('server', function() {
    base: pkg.directories.dist,
    port: '8888'
 }, function() {
     proxy: 'localhost:8888',
     port: '3000'

Now if I open the browser at http://localhost:8888/ I see the server up and running and in console .log it appears the log.

Note: Just a second before to crash the script open a window on browser at then it crash

What's wrong?