Arduino and USB Read Module - Get Data from a Specific Line

I am basing most, if not all, code from this tutorial.

I have an Arduino Uno and a USB Read/Write module called CH376S. From a .txt file saved on the flash drive, I am able to successfully extract, line per line, the information from my .txt and print on my serial. However, instead of reading the whole .txt file, I am trying some approach for reading a specific "line". For example, my .txt file has 100 lines. I would like to only see/read on serial the data of line 32.

The code to read the USB is:

//read the contents of the file
void fileRead(){
  Serial.println("Reading file:");
  byte firstByte = 0x00;                     //Variable to hold the firstByte from every transmission.  Can be used as a checkSum if required.
  byte numBytes = 0x40;                      //The maximum value is 0x40  =  64 bytes
  int linetoread = 5;
  //int countline = 1;
  while(setByteRead(numBytes)){              //This tells the CH376S module how many bytes to read on the next reading step. In this example, we will read 0x10 bytes at a time. Returns true if there are bytes to read, false if there are no more bytes to read.
    USB.write(0x27);                          //Command to read ALL of the bytes (allocated by setByteRead(x))
    if(waitForResponse("reading data")){      //Wait for the CH376S module to return data. TimeOut will return false. If data is being transmitted, it will return true.;                 //Read the first byte
          Serial.write(;           //Send the data from the USB disk to the Serial monitor
          //delay(1);                           //This delay is necessary for successful Serial transmission
          //Serial.print('9999999', DEC);
          delay(1);                           //This delay is necessary for successful Serial transmission
          //countline = countline + 1;
    if(!continueRead()){                       //prepares the module for further reading. If false, stop reading.
      break;                                   //You need the continueRead() method if the data to be read from the USB device is greater than numBytes.
  Serial.println("NO MORE DATA");

And if needed, this code calls this function:

//This function is required if you want to read data from the file. 
boolean setByteRead(byte numBytes){
  boolean bytesToRead=false;
  int timeCounter = 0;
  USB.write((byte)numBytes);   //tells the CH376S how many bytes to read at a time

  if(waitForResponse("setByteRead")){       //wait for a response from the CH376S. If CH376S responds, it will be true. If it times out, it will be false.
    if(getResponseFromUSB()==0x1D){         //read the CH376S message. If equal to 0x1D, data is present, so return true. Will return 0x14 if no data is present.


Should I implement this loop inside my "while(USB.available())"? Would that even make sense? I am not sure which part of the code would be the most appropriate to change.