Capacitor/Cordova sending notification based on user location in Hybrid app, what is the best option to achieve this

I have an Hybrid app for both iOS and Android developed with Ionic and Capacitor. For this App I want to send notifications if a user crosses a specific location within a few meters. As options I figured out this could be done using Geofencing or Beacons.

As Beacons I ordered Proximity Beacons from Estimote, but I cannot find a compatible package to get this to work. It would be great to make use of the Beacons, so if someone knows a working way for this with Capacitor; please reply.

An other option is to use Geofencing. There is this package, but that one is outdated and not compiling anymore. This would be an option too, because that doesn't need a hardware beacon device to be installed somewhere.

What are my options? And is it even possible nowadays to send a background notification to a user on iOS and Android when they enter a specific location?

It is import that the Application gives a notification to the user when it enters a specific location.