SUMIF Array Formula with "GREATER THAN"

I know this may work:


But I don't know how to find any solution for this


Basically, I want to SUMIF with multiple criterias with array formula. But I can't find a way with criteria that greater than something

this is the sample case:

the case is about summing the quantity given from each activity, given some range of date.

  1. array formula is needed since I want the list of activity to be flexibly added, without me having to edit the formula.
  2. as far as I know, sumifs cant be used because sumifs doesn't work with array formula

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  • answered 2020-01-18 12:50 player0


     TEXTJOIN("|", 1, J2:J))), E2:E, )))


  • answered 2020-01-18 18:33 user11982798

    Some alternative:

    sumif and vlookup==>

    =arrayformula(sumif((1-isna(vlookup(D2:D9,J2:J3,1)))*F2:F9,">" & H2,E2:E9))

    sum if and vlookup:


    Sum and vlookup: