My JPEG Base64 code is too long to render in an img tag?

I'm using an axios GET request to access a JPEG file. I get the file data and then convert the data into Base64. I then put the Base64 into an img tag like this:

   <img src=`data:image/jpeg;base64, myBase64CodeHere.../>

I know the Base64 code is correct. The + symbols are still in the code (some stack overflow users have had issues with the + symbols being erased from the Base64 code).

What I think is happening is the Base64 code is really, REALLY long and won't render because of it. When I run the GET request in Postman, the image renders, but it says Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate. I'm assuming that means Postman had to "deflate" the Base64 code before it could render. (I don't know for sure; I don't know what "deflate" means.)

Does anyone know how to make this code work? Is there a way to use something called "gzip" to make the Base64 code smaller so that it is able to render?