Chrome extension's background page stopped logging, can't manually access any variable

When I want to check local storage, I run the code below in the background page's console and it usually logs everything there is.{console.log(result)})

However, just yesterday it started returning undefined.

I added a console.log("running"); as the first thing in my BG page. However, when I reload the extension, nothing gets logged.

I know the data is in there because my extension continues to function properly but I cannot manually access anything + BG page doesn't log anything etc.

Even when I go to the dev tools in the BG page and check application / storage there's nothing.

Reloading the extension didn't work (there are no errors), restarting Chrome didn't work, removing the extension and adding it again didn't work, restarting my PC didn't work.

The only thing I see in the upper right hand corner of the background page is this little mention of '5 hidden' which increases when I add another console.log at the beginning of my script. It almost looks like it hides the logs? Even if so, why would the '' code above return undefined?

Anybody's got an idea what might be wrong?