Non stop stream to rtmp with FFMPEG

I want to stream to RTMP with FFMPEG. I need to dynamically change next play file, for that i use web urls for my localhost.

I have PHP file located:

$file = '1.mp3';

$mime_type = "audio/mpeg, audio/x-mpeg, audio/x-mpeg-3, audio/mpeg3";

    header('Content-type: {$mime_type}');
    header('Content-length: ' . filesize($file));
    header('Content-Disposition: filename="' . $file);
    header('X-Pad: avoid browser bug');
    header('Cache-Control: no-cache');
    header("HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found");

And i run ffmpeg with this command line:

ffmpeg -re -stream_loop -1 -i logo.png -stream_loop -1 -i -ab 320k -c:v libx264 -f flv "rtmp://ms......."

This works, but it playing only once time and FFMPEG returns an error:

Seek to start failed Function not implemented

How can i fix it?