please critize my YouTube-DL & FFMPEG scripts

my goals are to

  1. download the best video and the best audio that YouTube has

  2. save the video with audio as VP9 & MKV

  3. save the audio as OGG and also as FLAC

currently i cannot save the audio as OGG, only as FLAC. only after I have FLAC, i run another script to make a copy from the FLAC into OGG

please help me improve my script so that i can have both FLAC & OGG in one run, automatically

thank you

here is my script

--format "(bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=1080][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec=vp9.2][height>=1080][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec=vp9][height>=1080][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=1080]/bestvideo[vcodec=vp9.2][height>=1080]/bestvideo[vcodec=vp9][height>=1080]/bestvideo[height>=1080]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=720][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec=vp9.2][height>=720][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec=vp9][height>=720][fps>30]/bestvideo[vcodec^=av01][height>=720]/bestvideo[vcodec=vp9.2][height>=720]/bestvideo[vcodec=vp9][height>=720]/bestvideo[height>=720]/bestvideo)+(bestaudio[acodec=opus]/bestaudio)/best" --keep-video
--merge-output-format mkv
--extract-audio --audio-format flac