CATextLayer cannot align to center horizontally with UILabel text in swift

When i use CATextLayer in swift 5, i align it to center by using Horizontal alignment modes follow here but it cannot align to center. Here is some of my code

myLabel.textAlignment = .center

textLayer.frame = myLabel.bounds;
textLayer.alignmentMode =

But when i run on ipad pro, i set position x to 500 and it moved to center

textLayer.position = CGPoint(500,20)

But it's not exact and i don't know the reason why it is. So how can i align the CATextLayer exactly to the center as the center Label text?

1 answer

  • answered 2020-02-19 12:21 masoud

    I don't know what is textLayer in your code but if you want use CATextLayerAlignmentMode you can set it to your label

      myLabel.textAlignment =