getElementBy(Value?) need to check if element is clicked open(true) or closed(false)

How can I check if below line is true of false. It is the code of the element which opens or closed a filter list. If the filter is closed value=false, if the filter is opened value=true

HTML code of the element:

<div id="docTypeForm:filterPnl" class="rf-cp rf-tgp" style="margin-bottom: 10px;">
     <input id="docTypeForm:filterPnl-value" name="docTypeForm:filterPnl-value" 
     type="hidden" value="true">

The value will appear as true of false. When i run the macro the first time it works because the drop down is default false, but the second time the drop down is true so my code fails at that point.

I check following codes:

    If obJIE.document.getElementById("docTypeForm:filterPnl-Value").Hidden = False Then
        MsgBox False
        MsgBox True '

    End If
 If obJIE.document.getElementById("docTypeForm:filterPnl-Value").Value= False Then
If obJIE.document.queryselector("input("True")") = False then
 If obJIE.document.getElementById("docTypeForm:filterPnl-Value").getAttribute("Value")= False Then