Storyboard and "Bottom layout guide is deprecated since iOS 11.0" warning

I'm getting this warning when building:

/* */ /[path]/MyStoryboard.storyboard:xxx-xx-xxx: warning: Bottom layout guide is deprecated since iOS 11.0 [7]

I've read some posts like this one. I have the Use Safe Area Layout Guides of the storyboard file already selected, and cleaning the build folder did not work either, I keep getting such warning. What else could I be missing?

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  • answered 2019-02-24 19:44 Omer Tekbiyik

    This is From Xcode 9b1 Release Notes:

    Interface Builder uses UIView.safeAreaLayoutGuide as a replacement for the deprecated Top and Bottom layout guides in UIViewController. To use the new safe area, select Safe Area Layout Guides in the File inspector for the view controller, and then add constraints between your content and the new safe area anchors. This prevents your content from being obscured by top and bottom bars, and by the overscan region on tvOS.Constraints to the safe area are converted to Top and Bottom when deploying to earlier versions of iOS

    Hope it helps.