How to pass parameters to forward function of my torch nn.module from

I have extended nn.Module to implement my network whose forward function is like this ...

def forward(self, X, **kwargs):

    batch_size, seq_len = X.size()

    length = kwargs['length']
    embedded = self.embedding(X) # [batch_size, seq_len, embedding_dim]
    if self.use_padding:
        if length is None:
            raise AttributeError("Length must be a tensor when using padding")
        embedded = nn.utils.rnn.pack_padded_sequence(embedded, length, batch_first=True)
        #print("Size of Embedded packed", embedded[0].size())

    hidden, cell = self.init_hidden(batch_size)
    if self.rnn_unit == 'rnn':
        out, _ = self.rnn(embedded, hidden)
    elif self.rnn_unit == 'lstm':
        out, (hidden, cell) = self.rnn(embedded, (hidden, cell))

    # unpack if padding was used
    if self.use_padding:
        out, _ = nn.utils.rnn.pad_packed_sequence(out, batch_first = True)

I initialized a skorch NeuralNetClassifier like this,

net = NeuralNetClassifier(model,criterion=nn.CrossEntropyLoss,optimizer=Adam, max_epochs=8, lr=0.01, batch_size=32)

Now if I call, y, length=X_len) it throws an error

TypeError: __call__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'length'

According to the documentation fit function expects a fit_params dictionary,

**fit_params : dict Additional parameters passed to the ``forward`` method of the module and to the ``self.train_split`` call. and the source code always send my parameters to train_split where obviously my keyword argument would not be recognized.

Is there any way around to pass the arguments to my forward function?