Integer division not producing expected results

The question I attempted to answer is as follows: Write a Python function that computes the number of days, hours, and minutes in a given number of minutes

ie: def daysHoursMinutes(m): which ends as returns (d, h, M)

I wrote the following code:

def daysHoursMinutes(m):
    import math
    d=m/1440 #integer
    h=m/60  #integer
    M=m     #integer

and when I input in daysHoursMinutes(241) what im expecting to get is (0,4,1), but I get ((0.1673611111111111, 4.016666666666667, 241). I'm confused as to what I'm doing wrong??

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  • answered 2019-05-15 03:18 Stephen Rauch

    Integer division in Python3 uses // like:


    def daysHoursMinutes(m):
        d = m // 1440
        m -= d * 1440
        h = m // 60
        m -= h * 60
        return d, h, m

    Test Code:



    (0, 4, 1)