Woocommerce Related products by attribute, product link is missing from image

I am using "Display Related products for a specific product attribute value in single product pages" answer code that works to show related products by a single attribute in Woocommerce.

I am using this settings:

$attribute = "family"; // <== HERE define your attribute name
$limit     = "60";     // <== Number of products to be displayed
$cols      = "6";     // <== Number of columns
$orderby   = "rand";  // <== Order by argument (random order here)

The problem it is only linking the title and not the product image. I have users trying to click the product image who get frustrated that it does not take them anywhere. They do not realize they need to click the title. could someone please help me link the image and the title with the product url.

Here is a link to a product so you see what I mean http://www.2ndave.info/2ndavewp/product/10-25w-cilindro-novartis-wall-sconce-131034/

Thanks for the help.