How to use gnocchi, aodh

Hi, I'm trying to make simple openstack loadbalancer with cpu_util, memory and disk usage. But I'm struggle with aodh, gnocchi api.

  1. I installed openstack with devstack(I posted local.conf file below ). But whenever I tried to matric/v1/matirc with admin token, it returns 503 internal error. I thought devstack configure everything to use gnocchi. Could you tell me what's I need to configure to use gnocchi api.

    enable_plugin heat stable/rocky
    enable_plugin heat-dashboard stable/rocky
    enable_service h-eng h-api h-cfn h-api-cw heat-dashboard
    enable_plugin neutron-lbaas stable/rocky
    enable_plugin neutron-lbaas-dashboard stable/rocky
    enable_plugin octavia stable/rocky
    enable_service q-svc q-agt q-dhcp q-l3 q-meta
    enable_service q-lbaasv2 neutron-lbaas-dashboard
    enable_service octavia o-cw o-hk o-hm o-api
    enable_plugin ceilometer stable/rocky
    enable_plugin aodh stable/rocky
    enable_plugin panko stable/rocky
    enable_service c-bak
    enable_service swift

  1. What I want to do with gnocchi api was cheacking what kind of data it has. Because gnocchi doc only tells about cpu_util. I want to know what data gnocchi can collect and for collect that do i need to configure something?

  1. with that information, I want to make loadbalancer using aodh and heat. On aodh api doc only show alarm with cpu_util. Can I give a alarm based on disk,memory and cpu usage.

  1. On aodh api doc, It gets cpu_util data from gnocchi. when create alarm it gets a threshold number like 0.8. I thought gnocchi doesn't give a cpu_util value like that. where and how threshold calculated?

It's my first question on stack-over-flow so I may have made lots of mistakes. Thank you for reading it and I hope you have time to answer it.