Does Flutter call Google Maps / Places API less vs REACT - like for like basis?

We have data in Firebase and want to front end via an App - its heavily Map based - involves parking lots.

So we can go REACT or Flutter as a Dev Tool.

My Question ??

Does the Firebase > Flutter option call the Google Maps / Places API less than the Firebase > React option - and therefore does Dev this in Flutter result in a smaller bill from Google for their API calls?

I 'think' that the JS layer calls the API more than the way Dart / Flutter works.

Thanks for your help and feedback.

I have tried to use Google API costs tools but they dont have comparative costs.

This is not really a code question, more about how JS compiles vs Dart compiles at run time.

I Expect that Flutter is possibly less $$$ than React over time but I have no idea of the actual data values here.