git commits heatmap for a newly created project from an existing one

I pushed an existing git project to Gitlab and wanted to have an intuitive impression of git commits history through the Gitlab heatmap. Yet from the heatmap, I could only tell that I pushed to this repo that day and all the previous git commit history wouldn't reflect in the heatmap.

Is there a way to show my previous git commits in the heatmap? Or is the heatmap only to reflect the actions caused by git push?

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  • answered 2019-05-22 05:08 VonC

    It might be:

    • a refresh issue (GitLab might take time analyzing the full commit history of the newly pushed repository to update the heatmap)

    • a branch issue (mostly commits from master might only be shown)

    • a date issue (maybe some commits are too old to be show in the activity heatmap default time scale)