Chrome browser has different zoom size for "localhost" versus all other web-sites

In Chrome, "localhost" is not responding to the global zoom.

In my Chrome browser, a page served from "localhost" has a different zoom than all other web-sites. Furthermore, use of "settings" to globally change the zoom percentage affects all sites except not "localhost". Interestingly, even "file://" responds to the global zoom, but the same set of files acts differently when served as "localhost".

I read something about Chrome switching things so what used to be 125% is now called 100%; can anyone confirm that? To me, it looks like "localhost" gets the old fashioned version of 100% (so, no extra 25% zoom).

I am using Chrome on a Mac.

By the way, this happens regardless of whether the following "meta" is included in the html section. The value of "initial-scale" has no affect.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.00">

My question is: Can I change the zoom of "localhost" so that either (a) it responds in sync with the global zoom, or (b) "localhost" is affected individually?

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  • answered 2019-07-16 05:51 IAM_AL_X

    I figured it out. My mistake was that I had been ignoring a local zoom opportunity to get at the global zoom.

    I was doing the following adjustment in Chrome; this sets the global zoom level:
    (3 dot menu) -> Settings -> Appearance -> Page Zoom

    The problem went away when I did the following simple thing; which sets zoom just for the current site: (3 dot menu) -> Zoom

    Apparently, I had used that control on "localhost" months or years ago, and the value persisted until now. Apparently, a site that has had its "zoom" level changed in this "local" way will subsequently not react to changes at the "global" level.