How to fix second physical display not being detected by Android Presentation, but simulated secondary displays still working?

For whatever reason, I'm only able to use Android's presentation class with a simulated display. I'm unable to get crash logs due to the limitation of the hardware I'm using, but I'm quite certain the second display is simply not being detected. Here is how I'm using the display:

In onCreate:

val displayManager = getSystemService(Context.DISPLAY_SERVICE) as DisplayManager
presentationDisplay = displayManager.getDisplays(DisplayManager.DISPLAY_CATEGORY_PRESENTATION)[0]
val presentation = VideoPresentation(this@MainActivity, presentationDisplay)


class VideoPresentation(context: Context, display: Display) : Presentation(context, display) {
    lateinit var surfaceHolder: SurfaceHolder

    override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
        setContentView(R.layout.presentation_video) // just a surfaceview in a framelayout
        surfaceHolder = findViewById<SurfaceView>(

Any idea why this might be occurring and how to solve it?