How to make a next/previous button go to the next/previous listing from a different page?

I am making a Wordpress site and have a plugin installed that creates custom post types for cars. It then creates a table of the posts on the page where I put a shortcode. So I have a list of vehicles in my table ( and I can click on them and view them. So, my problem is, when I'm viewing one, I would like to add a previous and next button that will take me to the next vehicle in the list. Follow this link: and click on the first car. On the car page, there is a next/previous button that works like I want mine to work. This code is what creates that:

<div class="pagination pagination-simple vehicle-nav"> <a href="#0" id="footerprevious" class="btn btn-cancel btn-sm btn-icon-only" disabled=""><span class="icon icon-arrow"><svg viewBox="0 0 48 48" xmlns=""><path d="M5.823 22.995H48v3.057H5.823L18.52 38.847 16.35 41 0 24.523 16.35 8.047l2.17 2.153L5.823 22.995z" fill-rule="nonzero"></path></svg></span></a> <span class="pagination-count"> 1<span> of </span>182 </span> <a href="VehicleDetails?itemID=32350843&amp;RowNumber=1&amp;loadRecent=true&amp;isNext=true" id="headernext" class="btn btn-cancel btn-sm btn-icon-only"><span class="icon icon-arrow"><svg viewBox="0 0 48 48" xmlns=""><path d="M42.177 26.005H0v-3.057h42.177L29.48 10.153 31.65 8 48 24.477 31.65 40.953 29.48 38.8l12.697-12.795z" fill-rule="nonzero"></path></svg></span></a> </div>

This list changes regularly so it will have to call the function every time but how do I do this? Thanks!