convert content of text file to json in python

I am new bee to python I need your help/suggestion, I am trying to convert the content of text file to json using python

filename is json_content.txt. Below is the content of text file

hostname : WGNAIOP
fsystem : /dev/sdb
actual_size : 2.5T
used_disk : 609G
avail_disk : 1.7T
percentage : 26%
mount_disk : /data

I have tried in multiple ways but i am unable to get the result in json format. Please help me to know how i can convert the above text data into json

Thanking in Advance!!!

3 answers

  • answered 2019-11-08 14:10 Simon Fink

    Unless you have any whitespaces in either the key or the value, you can use this regular expression to transorm your content to a dictonary:

    line = 'hostname : WGNAIOP fsystem : /dev/sdb actual_size : 2.5T used_disk : 609G avail_disk : 1.7T'
    d_items = re.findall(r"(\S+\s:\s\S+)", line)
    d = dict()
    for d_item in d_items:
        k, v = d_item.split(" : ")
        d[k] = v

    For the lines provided the snippet works:

    # {'hostname': 'WGNAIOP', 'fsystem': '/dev/sdb', 'actual_size': '2.5T', 'used_disk': '609G', 'avail_disk': '1.7T'}

  • answered 2019-11-08 14:30 Mahesh Nayak

    Here's a similar solution as the other answer.

    import re
    import json
    input = None
    with open(tfile) as infile:
        input = infile.readline()
    # remove leading and trailing double quotes if needed
    # input = input.strip('"')
    pattern = re.compile("\S* : \S*")
    match = pattern.findall(input)
    data = {}
    for kvp in match:
        values = kvp.split(' : ')
        data[values[0]] = values[1]
    data_json = json.dumps(data)

  • answered 2019-11-08 14:47 Prudhvi

    json_data = {}
    with open("json_content.txt","r") as fp:
        for line in fp.readlines():
            if line != "\n":
                split_data = line.split(':',)
                json_data[split_data[0]] = split_data[1].split('\n')[0]


    {'hostname': 'WGNAIOP', 'fsystem': '/dev/sdb', 'actual_size': '2.5T', 'used_disk': '609G', 'avail_disk': '1.7T', 'percentage': '26%', 'mount_disk': '/data'}