Timeout feature in Axios has no effect in a NativeScript(-Vue) environment

I have a Nativescript-Vue project built with vue init nativescript-vue/vue-cli-template using the axios library.

If I run the following snippet in a browser environment, it works fine, that is, times out as expected with such a short timeout setting:

    const apiClient = axios.create({
      timeout: 1,

      url: 'https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/todos/1',
    }).then(response => {
      console.log('this.apiClient.defaults.timeout', apiClient.defaults.timeout)
    }).catch(e => {

However, when I run the code in a NativeScript-Vue project on Android, the request completes as if there were no timeout setting present at all. Even though you can see from the console.logs that the value for timeout is 1.

If I make a similar request with NativeScript's "http/http-request" module, the timeout setting is respected as expected.