Feature querying doesn't work well in Mapbox iOS SDK

So I have a .mbtiles source of data (made up from one .GeoJSON) in Mapbox.

I connect my iOS app to it and it works OK as for displaying polygons but each polygon in my file has a certain number of features inside.

When I try to query these features using this code:

    map.visibleFeatures (at: <# T ## CGPoint #>, styleLayerIdentifiers: <# T ## Set ? #>)

I get only one feature out of the whole array which may include up to 20 features. I noticed that this one feature is the first in my .mbtiles file.

So I thought that it's incorrect to use map.visibleFeatures because It will show the first feature (visible) but I don't see any alternatives to this function.

I was also considering other options like queryrenderedfeatures and querysourcefeatures but I can't find any information about these functions in Mapbox iOS documentation (only JS and Android).

Could anyone please help me figure out how I can get all features from a polygon in swift?

P.S. I found something that may help here:

Why doesn't querySourceFeatures() give me all my data points? Reason: querySourceFeatures() only gives you results from currently loaded vector tiles. If you want all data, use another method.

The next question was:

How do we get all data from the vector tiles ? (This is in reference to previous answer: "If you want all data, use another method" --> what is the other method?

And the answer:

The answer to that question depends highly on your use case. If you're doing serious data processing, you might want to use something like https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Overpass_API to access OSM data directly. Our vector tiles are optimized for rendering rather than data processing.

I am deeply confused now if it's possible to deal with my issue. Many thanks to those who can help because this issue kills me every day.