Typeorm - Find entries by ManyToMany relation

I am using Nestjs with Typeorm and Mysql, and I can't figure out a good way to filter entries by their many to many relation.

I have these 2 entities:

Group Entity:

@Entity({ name: 'groups' })
export class Group {
    @ManyToMany(() => Tag, { eager: true })
    tags: Tag[];

Tag Entity

@Entity({ name: 'tags' })
export class Tag {
    @Index({ unique: true })
    tag?: string;

And would like to search all groups that have a tag with a specific text.

ie. all groups that have the tag.tag "sport"

Tried this code:

const args = {
    where: [
            'tags': In([Like(`%sport%`)]),
    relations: ['tags'], // TAGS
    take: filter.take,
    skip: filter.skip,
    order: filter.order

return super.findAll(args);

but it doesn't seem to work..

any help would be great!